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 Mamo article n° 229
Measures: X=314, Y=368, Z=140

 Mamo article n° 263
Measures: X=348, Y=417, Z=155

 Mamo article n° 064
Measures: X=360, Y=405, Z=146

 Mamo article n° 238
Measures: X=363, Y=400, Z=140

 Mamo article n° 054
Measures: X=363, Y=470, Z=142

 Mamo article n° 233
Measures: X=365, Y=428, Z=155

 Mamo article n° 058
Measures: X=375, Y=508, Z=134

 Mamo article n° 246
Measures: X=376, Y=389, Z=145

 Mamo article n° 158
Measures: X=377, Y=410, Z=162

 Mamo article n° 256
Measures: X=380, Y=400, Z=123

 Mamo article n° 040
Measures: X=382, Y=475, Z=156

 Mamo article n° 211
Measures: X=385, Y=450, Z=155

 Mamo article n° 225
Measures: X=397, Y=430, Z=165

 Mamo article n° 232
Measures: X=404, Y=430, Z=154

Mamo cerniere 1

 Hinges type 1

Mamo cerniere 2

 Hinges type 2

Mamo cerniere 3

 Hinges type 3

Mamo cerniere 4

 Hinges type 4

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