• Fine design ricercato, modern or classic

  • Materials of technological innovation

  • Craftsmanship care in the whole productive process

  • The right balance between aesthetics and functionality

  • Customization and a wide choice of shapes and colours

Buy your toilet seat on our online store

Buy your toilet seat on our online store

On you can buy directly your toilet seats. Start choosing the make and the model of your seat if you don't know them choose one of the shape.
You can watch the video tutorial.


Standard toilet seats on sale

Standard toilet seats on sale

Standard toilet searts on sale. White NSU Seats made in MDF 16 mm at € 20,00!


Customized toilet seats

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Toilet seats, buy your toilet seat online, watch the online video tutorial

Last innovation 2017: Antibacterial Toilet Seat

MamoItalia, produces toilet seats in polyester resin in 800 different shapes that fit mostly all the wc ceramics, even if vintage or out of sale.
The wc seats production is whole italian with high quality standard and warranty.
The R&D department main task is to reduce the ecological impact of the whole industrial process.

Buy your toilet seat on our e-commerce, you can find it easily in a few steps, comparing the shape and measuring the sizes. You can follow our video tutorial.
Once you find it you can buy directly on our online store.